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Rima Khatib draws on her different design education and professional experience to create her unconventional furniture and jewelry designs. Trained as an architect in the USA at the University of Minnesota and as an industrial designer at Creapole in Paris, she started working exclusively on furniture and accessories in 2012. Born in Beirut, Rima now works in Brussels where she lives with her family.

PERCER 1 (1).jpeg

Rima’s highly personalized designs go beyond the beauty and utility of a piece, to tell a story. They are expressive works with emotional and symbolic meaning, and thus, they are between art and design. They are "designart".
Her original works are the result of careful reflection and the consistent challenging of design and the manufacturing process, as well as, a high concern for detail and good craftsmanship. By using technology and artisanal techniques, she combines the best of both worlds to create unique pieces which she learned to produce herself as a maker.

Strong with her understanding of the “Cradle to Grave” concept and her deep respect for the environment, Rima always looks at reducing her environmental footprint by favoring ecofriendly products as well as recycled or upcycled materials.

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