Rima’s double education in architecture at the University of Minnesota, and in industrial design at Creapole in Paris gives her a unique sensibility that is reflected in her work. After a few years working mainly in architecture in Beirut, Rima was won over by the creative freedom afforded by the discipline of industrial design, and decided to dedicate her full attention to the creation of her own line of furniture and home accessories in 2012. She then moved to Paris and Brussels in 2016 and learned the art of handmade jewelry making and silverware.

Rima’s poetic designs, created using both contemporary technologies in production and traditional handmade techniques, are rich in emotional and symbolic meaning. They are between art and design. They are designart.


Rima Khatib  |  Beirut + 9613 618 970  |  Brussels +32 470 42 05 75  |  info@rimakhatib.com  | edidia BE 068 473 69 55